The following is a snapshot of the many services we offer for buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and others.

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NRK Real Estate Advisors will:

• Help determine how much you can afford
• Negotiate sales contract
• Show offices best suited in size, style, features, location, accessibility, transportation, etc
• Research your office needs thru commercial listings
• Be familiar with the values, taxes, utilities, etc.


NRK Real Estate Advisors will:
• Walk through the process from beginning to end
• Provide comparable information and analyzing data
• Share information about your office thru a commercial listing service, etc
• Oversee the marketing, making sure it is up to date
• Handle inquiries and follow up with potential interested buyers
• Qualify buyers to make sure they are financially able to purchase
• Negotiate
• Alert the risks
• Comply disclosures
• Assist during the closing process.

Landlord Representation

NRK’s marketing plan includes but is not limited to:

• Generating leads for the landlord from broadcast emails, follow up phone calls, private database, and direct network contacts.
• Assuring the marketing flyers are up to date and the market conditions are current which includes pricing and incentives if needed or allowed.
• List on commercial websites (LoopNet, Costar, Xceligent, etc) and keeping them active.
• Email to local and regional brokers once a month.
• Broadcast on Social media (Craigslist, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).
• Provide drive by or window signage.
• Provide weekly updates on the activity associated with the property lease.
• Will meet with the owner to establish the terms for the lease space to insure a positive cash flow per square foot and sign the exclusive right to lease property agreement.
• Will submit all lease offers in a timely manner and assist you in the negotiations to secure a tenant or tenants.
• Utilize Direct mailing: personalized letters, bulk mail, postcards, newspaper classified ads.
• Express certainty that the property will attract offers once the combo of factors is found and address any changes that may need to be made.
• Attend membership in national associations, seminar marketing and networking with circle of friends and acquaintances.

Tenant Representation

NRK’s Marketing plan includes but is not limited to:

• Identify specific target markets and determine depth of each market.
• Generate the appropriate roll out plan.
• Understand real estate conditions and trends within a specified market including demographic, traffic, development, projected growth, and use analysis.
• Utilize data from site selection to negotiate the purchase/lease agreement.
• Generate a market comprehensive survey report.
• Gain understanding of clients operation by conducting a complete needs analysis.
• Preview all potential locations to match the clients needs.
• Prepare proposals to negotiate offers and counter offers.
• Assist with space planning and architectural evaluations.
• Provide economic analysis of the transactions.
• Negotiate to close transactions.
• Will provide both a computer report and fact sheets with photographs and floor plans.
• Bring a map with all the sites plotted.
• Educate clients on the market conditions and expectations that are aligned with the market.

We look forward to working with you.